One thing you’re glad you invested in?

What is the one or two thing you’re glad you invested in, concerning your business, your future?

There are 3 things that I am glad I invested in. But in this blog, let me share with you the last 2. Firstly, I am glad I invested in my 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training (YTT) in 2009. I could not decide to do the training or not. There were several reasons. I didn’t know if I would teach after I received the certification, the cost was a factor as it was nearly SGD $5000, and I didn’t know if I could commit to the dates and time required.

I knew I had the interest and thought it would be a great addition to my fitness and dance certification that I already had. So, while I was weighing my reasons to sign up or not. I came across an article about yoga trainings and getting certified. One paragraph in that article convinced me to say Yes. That paragraphs says, “when you meet the trainer that you connect with, don’t hesitate.” It was so true, I was looking at all the wrong things to make my decision, when the trainer for the YTT was someone I could connect with and love his teaching method. And with that, I signed up the very next day, without any doubt. It felt right.

That training was one of the best 200hrs in my life and I will always remember and cherish the experience. It’s wasn’t easy but it was worth it and I had a great time. Now, I am actively teaching yoga (retired from the dance world) and loving this journey. The money spent, I made that back in a month and this journey and where I am now, is worth more than what I have spent. It is priceless.

My 2nd investment I am glad I invested in, just happened in January 2020. It was one of those potential possibilities that I was interested in but just never got to it. Too much information that just overwhelmed me. Plus, I was at a stage where I was comfortable where I was at.

This changed in mid-December 2019. I was comfortable but getting bored. I needed something to stimulate my mind,

I needed my relationship situation to change. For the pass 5 years, my partner, Patrick and myself have been traveling between Europe and Asia to be together. My work is in Singapore and his was in Spain. It’s been back and forth, spending as much time together, but with 6 to 8 weeks apart after each visit, we just miss each other too much.

In addition, it is a lot of traveling between us to keep this relationship going, a lot of hours in the air and money spend on tickets.

We are no longer in our happy bubble. With 5 years, travelling back and forth, it is time to be in one place together more than chasing each other around the world. With the growing urge to be together more permanently, I need to find something that could allow me to have a business where I could work from anywhere.

My answer is Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. It has always interest me but as mentioned earlier, just searching online, there is too much information that simply overwhelmed me and I didn’t know where to start.

With the recommendation from Patrick who came across this website, he thought it would be a good fit for me, as what they offered is very thorough, detailed, step by step training with tons of support and a like-mind community.

I spend 2 weeks watching the free videos and training offered. After which, I was impressed enough and confident that this training was what I was looking for. I signed up for their basic membership (with a 30 days moneyback no questions asked, if you find or feel this training is not for you, how can I not give this a go, right?) Upon signing up, I received 5 training modules to learn, execute and do everything from basic to setting up your own site, landing page and everything else you need and more.

It’s been 2.5 months and I am loving this journey. It’s a whole new world of information. I have learned so much and still more to absorb. I am working through different trainings & executing the steps to succeed in the online world. Presently, I am working on my Yoga Channel online, to be launch in March 2020. Furthermore, I created my lifestyle website for helping and inspiring others of this opportunity, that could be the “ONE” that you’re glad you invested in.

If you would like to know more, visit my lifestyle page:

You will find the free videos and training that I watched & convinced me to invest with no regrets.

Watch the videos and the decision is yours to make, it could be the “ONE”

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