Is success the key to happiness? No!!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will be successful.

But it still takes time and dedication to make it to where you want to be, what you want to achieve from… the big dream.

That place you want your business to reach… its only crazy UNTIL you do it! But if you don’t dare to take action, how will you get there? It is not going to just land on your lap.

So, it starts with trying, execute your plan, get the ball rolling…

Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. Written by Laura Bong

I have been wanting to bring my yoga teachings online and create special workshops. But it was always at the back of my mind. Just a month ago, I finally put it in the fore front and made it a priority.

I started learning through a great training platform about online business, affiliate marketing and e-commerce.  The step by step brought me through everything that was necessary. And it has been a wonderful learning experience with great support from the platform community, trainers, consultants and mentors.

With that, just 6 weeks ago, with a close girlfriend who always prompted me to start my yoga videos, a light finally lit up and I said to myself, why not? And with that, my journey started, it felt right and timely. And hence I launched my video channel 2 weeks ago and it has been well received and I know this will grow and reach out to the world. Sharing my passion and love of teaching and helping others.

The other wanting, was to host yoga workshops, it’s been in my mind for years as well, but it’s just never happened. There was always something else and I never got to it.  

But this year, beginning of February, as I was planning my trip to Bali, a thought came to mind, after a couple of my yogis asked “if or when I would ever do a yoga retreat.” So, another light lit up and say “Laura, it’s time to do one, finally!” With that, I got all the info, designed and scheduled the retreat for mid-march 2020, worked out the cost and everything necessary. The interest was amazing and well received, unfortunately the timing was not right. It was the hit of the Covid 19. Hence, as many wanted to attend, they were reluctant to travel with this unknown virus spreading fast and travel was a huge question mark.

The whole idea was scraped, but then I thot to myself, if traveling was a no, why not make it a 2 Sunday workshop in our home ground. And this, I did. The response was better than I expected. I just finish the 1st 4 hours Sunday workshop and so looking forward to the next one. And may start planning for another.

These two new paths I have taken, just elevate me to another level up. The response and feedbacks has been so positive and encouraging that it motivates me to do better, do more with excitement and more passion of what I love doing. The journey of learning and training online just perfect to bring me to where I am. And it will not end here, there’s so much more I want to explore online and very excited to explore this new tech world as part of my business and passion.

Is there something that you always wanted to do or try, but just never happen? If it is a yes and you still have the WANTs to do, I would encourage you to go for it…

It’s never too late, but it’s not trying that will bother you more with regrets.

Work from home, home quarantine!

It’s a scary time for anyone who’s not equipped to confront this. This pandemic happened so fast and now, the whole world shutting down borders & coming to a standstill.

What does this mean?

Many lost their jobs, some asked to take unpaid leave, some asked to work from home. And everyone has be told to defer any travel plans and practice social distancing.

Many businesses are struggling or close to bankruptcy, and we hope the government will step in to support.

What have been thriving is online business and online market. Many companies are laying people off, but amazon is looking to hire 100 000 new staffs to help them cope with the big surge of online orders. It’s time to get on this bandwagon and create a new working lifestyle for yourself.

Work from home. Sitting on bed, working on laptop.
Work from Home. Online business.
Written by
link: Photo by Kaboompics .com

I started training and learning online marketing & affiliate marketing since mid-december 2020.

Wasn’t planned but what great timing.

So here I am, telling you, it’s not too late.

Let me share this link I have created for you, to offer you free information and video training to get you started.

What are you waiting for? Press this link:- and get started, go go go

It is time start your Online Business.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19. It has definitely shock the world by storm. And as the saying goes “Everything is connected” This outbreak definitely proves how true it is.

Everyone on this planet is somewhat affected by this virus outbreak. From canceled events and travel plans to big drop in the stock markets, pay cuts and thousands losing their jobs overnight.

But where there is a drop, there is a spike somewhere. Besides huge sales in face masks, sanitizers and industrial cleaning products. Online shopping has increased drastically. Due to people avoiding crowded places and the convenience to shop online. Online shopping platforms has received a huge increase in sales and first time customers, as this Covid-19 prolongs.

Working on laptop, outdoors with a view.
It is time to start your online business. The freedom of working and earning from anywhere in the world (with internet of course) with just a laptop. By Laura Bong

This was not planned, as I would never foresee an outbreak to surface. But in December 2019, I got to learn, train and do online marketing and affiliate marketing. I started this training as my main goal is to achieve the freedom of working and earning from anywhere in the world (with internet of course) with just a laptop.

Presently, with over $2.5 Trillion per year being spent in retail purchases online. With this Covid-19 outbreak, the market predicts that it would double or more.  There has never been such a vast opportunity to make money with an online business.

I have tried to start a couple of online businesses before, but unfortunately, they failed as it is not just about creating and publishing a website and hope people find you. There is so much more to learn. But there was not any platform I found that would bring me through all the necessary dos and don’ts. Step by step intensive training online.

In December 2019, I told myself, Laura, it is time to start your online business properly!!!

I was introduced to a training platform that is detailed, step by step, screen to screen training, webinars, training videos, consultants, mentors and experts in all fields to teach, guide and train you for everything proper to start an online business. It was exactly what I needed.

I am so happy I am finally heading towards my goal and even more excited that the timing could not be better. If this is something you could relate to and feel it is your time to start your online business, let me share my lifestyle page with you:

Check it out, receive free information and free video trainings with no obligations.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime, if you have anything to share or any questions I can help you with. Till then, stay safe and stay well.  

What is your focus? How do you focus?

The common saying of “What you focus on, will grow”

It is so true, but in the world we live in, there are so much distraction to pulls us in all direction, away from what we should do most, or focus towards our goals.

Do you find yourself confused, on what you need to spend your time and focus on??

Do you find yourself working so much but things are not happening, or at least not as fast as you want the results to show?

What is your focus? How do you focus?
Laura Bong, Author

What I know for sure, and probably you may know too, is everything that is worth working for, takes time.

Yup, soooo many of us feels this way daily and if you are not focused, you probably reach the end of 2019 still in the same place you were at the end of 2018.

But I know you don’t want this going on year after year!

What you ought to focus on is finding that “something” and committing to that “something”.

When you find that “something’, and note, sometime it doesn’t happen on the first try or may not be your first choice, know that you have to put in the time, enjoy the journey doing it and preserver. I would say months is not enough if you building towards a successful business life. Minimum I would give is a year, or more, even 2, but nothing less.

And yes, focus is definitely required. What works best for me is to fix my schedule on a weekly basis. And I stick to it. I may waiver by a few minutes here and there, but I get pretty strict, sticking to my planned schedule.

Now I am not saying it’s all work and no play. Time put in, is definitely a must but be honest to yourself, how much time u can and willing to put in, is important I feel that when we over commit, then we start finding excuses and get pulled away from other ‘fun’ distractions.

It’s all about finding the balance. Balance is key. In everything you do. It’s like dance all night long, and practice yoga the next day. Drink wine but don’t forget your green juice. Eat chocolate when your heart wants it and green salad when your body needs it. Wear your best shoes on Saturday and walk barefoot on Sunday. Live high, live low. Move and stand still. Embrace all sides of who you are. Be brave, bold, spontaneous and loud and let that complement your abilities to find silence, patience, modesty and peace towards your purpose, your focus, your life and your goals. Aim for balance, make your own rules and follow your own path and don’t let anybody tell you how to live according to theirs or what society says you should.

To sum it all up, find your balance, there cannot be all work and no play. Just don’t get too distracted with too much fun and/or play and lose your focus. Hence, be totally honest to how much time you can put towards that ‘something” so as not lose your focus. towards your goals and dreams. Everything is possible, everything has a way.

Does this make sense?? Can you relate to this? Ask yourself, what is your focus? and how do you focus?