It is time start your Online Business.

With the outbreak of the Covid-19. It has definitely shock the world by storm. And as the saying goes “Everything is connected” This outbreak definitely proves how true it is.

Everyone on this planet is somewhat affected by this virus outbreak. From canceled events and travel plans to big drop in the stock markets, pay cuts and thousands losing their jobs overnight.

But where there is a drop, there is a spike somewhere. Besides huge sales in face masks, sanitizers and industrial cleaning products. Online shopping has increased drastically. Due to people avoiding crowded places and the convenience to shop online. Online shopping platforms has received a huge increase in sales and first time customers, as this Covid-19 prolongs.

Working on laptop, outdoors with a view.
It is time to start your online business. The freedom of working and earning from anywhere in the world (with internet of course) with just a laptop. By Laura Bong

This was not planned, as I would never foresee an outbreak to surface. But in December 2019, I got to learn, train and do online marketing and affiliate marketing. I started this training as my main goal is to achieve the freedom of working and earning from anywhere in the world (with internet of course) with just a laptop.

Presently, with over $2.5 Trillion per year being spent in retail purchases online. With this Covid-19 outbreak, the market predicts that it would double or more.  There has never been such a vast opportunity to make money with an online business.

I have tried to start a couple of online businesses before, but unfortunately, they failed as it is not just about creating and publishing a website and hope people find you. There is so much more to learn. But there was not any platform I found that would bring me through all the necessary dos and don’ts. Step by step intensive training online.

In December 2019, I told myself, Laura, it is time to start your online business properly!!!

I was introduced to a training platform that is detailed, step by step, screen to screen training, webinars, training videos, consultants, mentors and experts in all fields to teach, guide and train you for everything proper to start an online business. It was exactly what I needed.

I am so happy I am finally heading towards my goal and even more excited that the timing could not be better. If this is something you could relate to and feel it is your time to start your online business, let me share my lifestyle page with you:

Check it out, receive free information and free video trainings with no obligations.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime, if you have anything to share or any questions I can help you with. Till then, stay safe and stay well.  

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