Building your business online, possible? Sure thing!!

I have been asked to start a business online to gain freedom as I travel a lot between Asia and Europe. I have been sitting on this for a few years finding excuses and not even giving it a go.

In Dec 2019, my mindset changed as I needed to spend more time in Europe with my other half. My job, in teaching Yoga kept me here in Singapore. Hence, it time to make something happen for me online.

I started a full fledge online course which helped and guide me through every step of the way and towards and online future. It’s been three and a half months now, and talking about timing, it could not be any better (as you all know with the Covid-19 outbreak)

In February, I started recording instructional yoga videos, created my YouTube channel on line- Yoga with Laurab. Learn to edit my videos and designed my own thumbnails. Created pages on Facebook and added a lifestyle account on Instagram. In March, I launched my videos, twice weekly and I am happy to say it growing slowly and steady with viewership and subscription.

My youtube channel promo ad.

By end March, the world came to a standstill, gyms and studios where required to close, leaving all my fellow yogis “classless” with that, I started online live sessions with a small fee charged.  I have a list of participants and its growing in numbers. It’s been a week and a half since I started and I am very pleased with the outcome and where this could go. I am enjoying the business online journey as it grows steadily, keeps me engaged, connected to my yogis and earn me an income.

My quest to start a business online has finally happened. The training has provided me the confidence to pursue this journey. It wasn’t the original route, instead its better that i could ask for. I manage to merge the love of my teaching and online business together. Which turns out the best of both worlds, perfect for me.

There is still a lot to learn as I grow this business and there’s definitely a lot more I would like to add to this new online adventure.

Are you considering an online business? If so, I encourage you to give it go. It’s worth it and a great time to start.

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